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Tactical Medicine Training:

Operational Medicine Consultants LLC teaches hands on combative trauma management courses focused on managing the ballistic & blast trauma that military and law enforcement personnel face.  All courses review the necessary essentials via didactics and hands on skills stations.  Advanced skill sets can be added as your mission may require.  We provide the ultimate in realistic training by integrating multiple training techniques including simulation training scenarios utilizing moulage and high tech manikins to maximize the skill sets of US Warfighters and Law Enforcement Personnel.  The outcome of this dyamic training is that we build confidence in our students by enabling them to demonstrate competence in advanced medical care in a challenging environment.  All medical courses qualify for Virginia OEMS Category II CE.

                                                                         Military:  "SOF Medicine"

The Basic Military Combative Trauma Management Course is based on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) principles catered to the scope of practice consistent with non-medical team members of small military units.  The Advanced Military Combative Trauma Management Course is designed around a broad scope of practice to build confidence in the advanced surgical skills necessary for medics of small military units.   Due to the special needs of the Military Trauma Courses, these courses have limited seats and are open to military personnel only.  

Advanced medical providers may also bundle special topics into their training:

  • Remote damage control resuscitation/ buddy transfusion/ fresh warm whole blood training
  • Advanced pain control/ operational nerve blockade and procedural anesthesia
  • Enhanced intravenous/ intraosseous access
  • Extended operations wound control
  • Advanced burn and blast care
  • Improvised medicine for low profile operations
  • Operational preventive medicine and sick call in the field 
  • Suturing refresher
Rates:  SOF-medicine training starts at: $2900 per student.

Law Enforcement:  "SWAT Medicine"

The "Medicine for Patrol Officers and SWAT Teams" (Med-POST) Course is a modular tactical medicine training course based on the principles of Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) and the FBI statistics on law enforcement officers killed and injured.  The Med-POST basic and advanced courses can be taught in a standard, continuous multi-day course load or broken into multiple didactic and hands on workshop segments as your agency may require.   The basic course is designed  around a scope of practice for non-medical personnel who may need to render self-aid or provide trauma care  to individuals on their team.  The advanced course focuses on a wider scope of practice with advanced medical procedures for tactical medics and builds off the skills learned from the first course.   The OMC staff that provide Med-POST training are comprised of practicing certified medical professionals and sworn law enforcement officers with experience in training law enforcement agencies.  

Rates:  SWAT-medicine training starts at $999 per student or $3,999 per team. 

Firearms: Training/Validation

We recommend joint firearms training with all courses.  To bring the most value out of your limited training time we offer premier pistol and rifle training bundled with all medical courses.  A complete firearms course load is available from raw basics to honing the skills of experienced warfighters.



student feedback below this point

I served as a PJ for ten years, followed by ten years with federal law enforcement, followed by six years contracting in war zones.  Without a doubt this is the best medical training and instruction I have ever received.  
David O.  Federal Agent

This training can, will and has saved lives.  The knowledge gained is easily learned and invaluable.
Mike D., Military, Lacey WA

This was some of the most practical downrange tactical medicine training I have ever had.  
It was presented very clear and at an excellent pace.
Chris S., Federal Agent

Absolute necessity for first responders.  
The skillsets are simple and concise and can be used in a variety of circumstances.
 -Matthew L., Knox County, TN Sheriff's Office

This information is very much needed for patrol officers and any type of Law Enforcement.
Philip B. , Rainbow City, AL Police Department

A must for anyone going into harm's way. Your squadmates will thank you!
-William S., Knoxville, TN, Veteran

CAT tourniquet, Combat Application Tourniquet, NATO tourniquet, Norwegian special operations tourniquet, SOF-TW SOFTT tourniquet.
SWAT stretch wrap and tuck tourniquet.  Improvised tourniquet.

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